Someone I know doesn’t have health insurance

He has a heart problem. The surgeon wanted all of his money up front before he operated on this gentleman. The man was defeated and had resigned himself to live out his relatively young life (mid 40’s) with a literal death sentence. This is the plight of the working poor in this country…I went online, found out what he needed to do, and he had his life saving surgery; obviously, by another cardiologist, but at the same hospital (who was the liason to hook this man up with the medical team he so desperately needed). In the case of the solicitation that Eldred received, my thought is that this is from someone in another country. I don’t know how the health care system works elsewhere, but I’m certain in the cases of those without universal or private health care, it is expected to pay for health services up front. As a
sidenote, we were in the Dominican Republic on holiday one year. My daughter sprained her ankle. We went to the hospital and they looked at her and gave us crutches (that we had to put together ourselves, lol!). We were not charged for the hospital visit, nor for the crutches. It’s always so interesting to me what you learn when you travel!