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We’ll most likely do the baskets

but since they are only 5″ diameter, not much has ever fit in them. When the girls were small, I would put Band-Aids, toothbrushes, toothpaste, a book, hair bows and very little candy. Now that they are older, they still get very little candy and I will put a cd, dvd or iTunes gift card. We still hide the baskets and they have to search for them.

If the weather is good, we will do sunrise service at the beach and if it works with the Catholic church nearby, we will run through for the end of that service. No special meals planned for that day right now, not sure how many will be home.

Sometimes the way is not easy or bump free..

Toddled off to the vet to get LooLoo’s health certificate and updated rabies shot and lo and behold, my card declined.

Checked with the bank, no direct deposit. Luckily my vet accepted a check while I scurried around in a panic.

Turns out payroll hasn’t run and will only clear on Monday, possibly Tuesday.

In the meantime, I have to get the money together to buy a kennel and pay for LooLoo’s flight.

The new owner sent funds via Paypal, but they haven’t made it into my bank account as yet, according to the bank, they will show up tomorrow. I’m going to call to MAKE SURE the funds will be there since I have to pay for LooLoo’s flight at 6am.

Well, I did ok, but not great on my goals

We did start the pool cleaning process, we knew it was going to rain, so I will start the chemistry experiment either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday–no sense in putting chemicals in if I need to drain the pool. I had a very bad allergic reaction Saturday night–combo of the wonderful spring pollen, chemical overload of being in a crowd and food I normally don’t eat. So Sunday was a wash because of the chemical overload in my body.

Today’s goals are just to do the laundry and basic cleaning….unfortunately, I have also had to deal with the bank because someone is using a kid’s debit card and I needed to shut it down.

Thanks everyone

Thanks everyone for the kind words on being debt-free. It feels so good. Someone posted about a cell bill and I too have done that before but with an electric bill. They tell you it will take 6 weeks for it to be refunded or you can use it for your next electric bill. Not good!
We have a cell phone but it is only really used for emergencies and I buy prepaid minutes. Our cell phone plans in Canada are not nearly as good as the ones you have in the U.S.