Monthly Archives: June 2015

Hi everyone! Everyone

I am so excited today and just want to scream, so I will do it on here! We are debt-free! We are in our 60’s and the only thing we have left now is our mortgage. What a great feeling! It makes me so sad thinking how stupid I have been with money, especially giving GOD only the left overs. That all has changed.

Did we do it in a year? Absolutely not! It has likely taken 5 years but we just kept shaving things off bit by bit. By the end of this month hopefully we will have a 3 month emergency fund.

At the end of last year I decided to get on board in a real way even though my husband has been trying to get me to do it seriously for the last few years. The first thing I did was start keeping track of everything we spent. Then I made a budget. This month I started with the envelopes because groceries were out of control and that was my biggest problem. So now it makes me think harder on how to be more creative and use what we have already here. The other day someone said, “Before buying anything, LET EMOTIONS SUBSIDE, and then decide.” Now that is all I can think of.

So keep at it everyone, it will happen if you don’t give up.